Pile Group Designer v2.0

  • Standalone program without the need to interact with third party software
  • Input and output parameters are available in both Imperial and Metric SI units
  • Capabiltiy to save and open analysis and design pile group files
  • Analysis of pile group when rectangular configuration is known
  • Analysis of 3 piles group
  • Analysis of pile group with irregular configuration and deviations
  • Maintain irregular pile cooridnates and deviations geometry data, save irregular data to text file in both SI and Imperial units 
  • Direct input of pile coordinates and deviations or copy and paste such data from external spreadsheets 
  • Report coordinates of the centroid for the irregular pile configuration 
  • Design of optimum configuration within variables and constraints set forth by the user
  • Piles can have different compression and tension capacity
  • Self weight of pile cap can be automatically included
  • Analysis and design is performed for axial loading and bi-axial moments as manually input by the user
  • Loads can be applied at origin (0,0) or at x and y offsets from the origin
  • Design Loads reported at Pile Group Centroid
  • Loads can be scaled by a user specified scale factor while in the tool interface
  • Graphical display of pile group configuration including individual pile demands and color coded D/C ratio
  • Interactive review of analysis and design in graphical user interface
  • User manual and verification example included
  • Evaluation version available with pile capacities, pile spacings and scale factor set to specific values and cannot be overwritten


The main goal of the tools developed by TILMAN Engineering Solutions LLC is to facilitate the structural engineer’s tasks and increase work production in the most practical manner. Each tool is either a standalone program or requires a connection with various products of Computers and Structures, Inc. using CSI Application Programming Interface (API). Please follow the following steps to download an evaluation version of the tool(s) you are interested in and, whenever you are ready, proceed to place an order: 
  •  Click on "Request Evaluation" button above to fill up the evaluation request form. After sending your request, you can click on the ftp link provided on the submitted form to download and install the tool on your local computer. 
  • When you are ready to order, run the tool from your local computer and go to Options > Help > Get Locking Code as shown here. Use Ctrl+c (no need to select) to copy the locking code of the PC where you want to install the tool and go to the next step.
  • Scroll down this page, click on the tool(s) you want to purchase and add to Cart. Proceed to Checkout and use Ctrl+v to paste the locking code under "Notes" text area available in shopping Cart > Checkout form as shown here
  • After the order and payment are processed, TILMAN will email you the license file(s) within two hours on the same day of the receipt of the order that includes the locking code of your local computer when submitted before 9 pm EST or in the next morning otherwise.

Note: TILMAN will process your order and send you an email reminder to send us your locking code, if for any reason, you did not add the locking code to "Notes" text area at Checkout.   

Methods of Payment*

TILMAN shopping cart accepts any of the following payments at Checkout. Customers will be prompted to choose to pay with: 

  • PayPal or
  • Credit or Debit Card 

* None of the customer financial details will be shared with TILMAN, information provided is secure and used to process the payment only.
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